At last... Offshore tax havens have been superseded.

It is no longer necessary to be domiciled outside the UK or run accounts in offshore havens to save tax.

If your business is making more than £350K profit (including director's salaries) then stunning new opportunities are now available that not only protect what you have but to also significantly reduce your tax and your business costs too. 

If you are like the vast majority of business owners, you want to cut your taxes and reduce your costs where you're legally and morally able to do so.

The problem has always been how to best achieve it?

Now, there's a new solution that offers you the facility to make significant cost savings within your business, allows for greater flexibility to run your operation and dramatically reduces both company and personal taxation.

"A genuine tax minimisation and wealth vehicle"

Furthermore, this new structure provides you with the comfort of having been substantiated by a leading Barrister's tax opinion. 

With our long experience and specialist expertise we'll help you take advantage of this innovative and unique way to achieve your personal, business and financial goals. 

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